Where is it?

Between Aviației and Pipera, in the northern part of the city.

How do I buy?

Upon signing the pre-contract, you will pay up to 15% of the price.

When can I move?

The first 254 units will be completed starting with the first quarter of 2022.


28.000 m2 of green spaces, club, swimming pool, car-free area, 24/7 security services.


Prices starting from 269.280 EUR + VAT

Townhouses are inspired by Dutch architecture and harmoniously combine aesthetics, functionality, and durability.

Every house has two ways of access:

  • Main entrance, through a semi-private garden, the houses being oriented towards the main alleys;
  • Secondary entrance, through the parking area, carefully hidden from view.

Here are some benefits offered by a townhouse:

  • generous space and large storage areas;
  • private terraces positioned on the first floor and plenty of play areas for the children;
  • enough space for an office so you can work undistracted.

The total area of townhouses varies between 246 m2 and 311 m2 and you can choose between units with 4, 5 or 6 rooms.

The height regime is:

  • ground floor + 2 floors;
  • ground floor + 3 floors.

Choose the one that suits your needs!

B015 dormitoare floor P+3 311.35 m2
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B025 dormitoare floor P+3 287.20 m2
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B035 dormitoare floor P+2 258.15 m2
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B044 dormitoare floor P+2 246.14 m2
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Unde se află?

Între Aviației și Pipera, în partea de nord a orașului.

Cum cumpăr?

La semnarea ante-contractului se achită până la 10% din preț.

Când mă pot muta?

Primele 254 de unități vor fi finalizate începând cu trimestrul 1 al anului 2022.


13.000 m2 de parc, club, piscină, zonă car-free, servicii de securitate 24/7.

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