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2 August 2021

What does comfort mean to you? For each of us, the meaning of the word has a different meaning, but in perspective it is all about a balance between finishes, natural light, positioning, and amenities. However, having your loved ones by your side home make up for the ultimate comfort.

Unfortunately, most apartments are often outdated and old, and this can be seen in their finishes, and interior. While a house should be a place where people can relax, in many cases this seems impossible as constant renovations and investments drain the energy of their owners.

With its updated fresh look, premium finishes, top of the line amenities, impressive volumes, and architecture, a duplex apartment in Avalon Estate is the perfect update to your state of mind. In addition to this, enhanced privacy as well as the flood of natural light make up for a brighter, more modern, and personalized future.

Discover the Avalon Estate Parkview Duplex apartments and make your next investment count! 

Today we will walk you through some nice to know things about the duplex apartments:

  • General statistics and information regarding the duplex market in Romania;
  • The varied offer of duplex apartments within Avalon Estate;
  • The benefits of a duplex apartment;
  • Technical details present in Avalon Estate’s duplex apartments.

General information and statistics

The market for luxury properties in Romania is constantly changing. One of the most essential elements that determines the change is the global sanitary crisis. Both families and young couples make up for the most buyers in Romania. According to, the changes in consumer behavior are seen in the 20% spike in demand for luxury properties such as duplex apartments.

In addition to the global pandemic, another factor that influences this sudden demand for apartments with 4 or more rooms, such as duplex apartments, is the need for extra space, either for storage, home-office, or terrace. As a result, there is a clear uptrend direction for such expensive purchases, as they improve the overall quality of life, and comfort.

What is a duplex apartment?

Unlike a penthouse apartment, a duplex that is spread over two floors connected by an indoor staircase. This gives the owners a generous living space that is strategically split between day and nighttime areas. As a result, a duplex apartment offers enhances privacy to its occupants.

Avalon Estate

The ideal positioning, between Aviatiei and Pipera neighborhoods, the luxury amenities, and quality materials make Avalon Estate a unique residential project in Romania. Within this unique residential project, there are several types of Parkview Duplex apartments for sale.

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Duplex Apartment

Within Avalon Estate there are multiple duplex apartments for sale. They are positioned in such a way that intimacy, privacy, security, and comfort are priorities. Furthermore, there are many benefits, and we are highlighting the most important below:


  • Spread over two floors;
  • Separate entry for each one, for extra security, and exclusivity;
  • Natural light throughout the day;
  • Natural ventilation as each room has a window;
  • Park view;
  • Car-free zone;
  • Premium finishes;
  • 4 spacious rooms;
  • 3 fully furbished bathrooms;
  • Modern architecture;
  • Low temperature maintained throughout the summer season because of the rich vegetation of the park;
  • Master bedroom with incorporated dressing, walk-in shower, and bathtub.

Technical details

  • Generous spaces up to 210 sqm;
  • Impressive volumes;
  • Spacious terraces up to 61 sqm;
  • Floor heating;
  • Equipped with thermostats;
  • 150 mm of basalt mineral wool to complete the sound and thermal insulation;
  • 300 mm of Porotherm perforated clay blocks;
  • Premium Porcelanosa ceramic tiles;
  • Hâns Grose faucets;
  • Three-layer wooden floors
  • Secure metallic exterior door;
  • Sanitary wear provided to all bathrooms;
  • Medium Density Fiberboard interior doors.

Avalon Estate is a unique residential project in Romania. Located on the shores of Pipera Lake, in between Aviatiei and Pipera neighborhoods, the complex boasts a multitude of green areas, a residential club, and car-free zones.

The project is designed as an exclusive community where the quality of living, recreation and security are the top priorities. Being a key element within Avalon Estate, nature is represented by the central park, which is the main point of attraction of the whole complex. Dozens of exotic and exquisite plants and flowers make up the whole integrated eco-system of the residential development. In addition to this, another important part is the pool, which is filtrated with natural elements. By doing so, the residents can safely take a bath in the sizzling summer days along with their family, and friends.

The comfort of the residents has been thought of by Avalon Estate in the smallest details. From the air quality and enhanced security to the unique design and architecture of each property, the exclusive Avalon Estate community is close to the heart of the city while benefitting from the quietness of the countryside.

The duplex apartments are perfect for families, couples, and entrepreneurs that want generous space as well as natural light throughout the day. The Parkview Duplex apartment from Avalon Estate is more than your next home, it’s the upgrade to your lifestyle.

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