The Avalon Estate Townhouse, a unique residential concept on the Romanian market

16 March 2021

Elegant, versatile, and discreet: the Avalon Estate Townhouses are unique on the Romanian residential market and represent one of the distinctive elements of your future residential complex. Why did we choose to include this type of living solution in Avalon Estate and what are its undeniable advantages?

The Avalon Estate Townhouses are inspired by Dutch architecture. In fact, the image and history of Netherlands’ capital city, Amsterdam, is closely linked to these houses that keep watch over the 3 main waterways of the city. Colourful, chic, and functional, these urban houses successfully maintain their individuality and, at the same time, create a harmonious image. We set out to recreate in Avalon Estate this unique quality of townhouses.

We found a place for them in the T Block, between the Parkview apartments, which are overlooking the park, and the Urban apartments, the most dynamic units available in Avalon Estate. We have developed 4 unique types of Townhouses, each designed for specific needs and expectations.

Townhouses, a hybrid between villas and apartments

At the crossroads between a detached house and an apartment, townhouses skilfully combine the best of each. This makes them ideal for an active family, which needs space, but prefers to waste as little time as possible on upkeep and maintenance. They are defined by a small footprint, having a street opening of 6 meters (to a pedestrian alley), and are arranged on several floors. In Avalon Estate, you can choose between Townhouse with 3 or 4 floors (GF + 2, GF + 3). Another important feature of these units is that they share 2 exterior walls with neighbouring homes, which means lower energy consumption in the cold season but also that on each floor you have a terrace.

Like a villa, a townhouse has 2 separate entrances, directly from the outside. Each house is oriented towards the pedestrian alleys, with the front door opening to a semi-private garden. Secondary entry offers direct access from the parking area to the kitchen or storage space, so you can easily bring inside the shopping bags or the children’s toys after a day of fun in the park. It is worth mentioning the fact that, unlike a detached house, a townhouse has lower costs for similar interior space, so you will enjoy the comfort of a villa with less worries.

As with an apartment, you do not have to worry about taking care of the garden in front of the house. Although a townhouse has access to a small garden, the landscaping of the entire residential complex is centralized. This means that you will have a beautiful garden, even if you do not have the time or energy to take care of it. Unlike with an apartment, when you choose a townhouse, you have more space, more comfort, an integrated design, and access to green spaces (garden and spacious terraces – a specific element of such a home).

The indisputable advantages of a townhouse

  • Generous space

A townhouse gives you enough space for your family to enjoy extra comfort. The total area of ​​an Avalon Estate Townhouse varies between 232 m2 and 297 m2 and you can choose between 4, 5 or 6 rooms. Each such house has a large kitchen, at least 3 bathrooms, 2 terraces and a garden.

The interior design is clean, with no visible beams or pillars, these construction elements being incorporated as much as possible inside the walls. You will thus have higher, unobstructed, bright, and well-ventilated rooms. There are windows on both exterior walls (front and back), so that the rooms have as much natural light as possible. The only exception to this is on the ground floor area, on the side of the secondary entrance.

  • Versatile design

The space is carefully designed to separate the day areas from the night areas. Therefore, in the case of 4-level townhouses, you have 2 floors of entertainment – including the kitchen, dining, living room – and 2 private floors, which include the bedrooms, so you can enjoy an evening in the company of friends, without disturbing the children’ sleep.

  • Privacy

We have paid close attention to design to make sure that every family enjoys privacy. Each house is conceived so that the neighbouring houses do not have a direct view of the bedrooms and other private spaces. The units offer discretion both by the location of the windows and by the typology of the facades.

  • Safety

Avalon Estate, a gated community project, is the ideal place for your family. Safety is a priority, so your children will be able to play outside with their friends without you having to worry. They have at their disposal a ​​1.3 hectares park (approximately 2 football fields), with green pockets dedicated to relaxation, sports, playgrounds etc. In addition, the access within the residential complex is carefully controlled, the traffic of cars being restricted to the lateral areas of the complex.

  • Access to Avalon Estate services and facilities

Buying a townhouse is an investment. With it, you gain access to the Avalon Estate Club, but also to the other services and facilities made available to the community. The Avalon Estate Club is designed exclusively for the residents of the complex and for their guests, providing them with an elegant space to meet and relax. The club includes a cosy restaurant, a modern bar, a naturally filtered pool area set in a lush garden and 2 fitness studios with sauna.

Avalon Estate is more than a residential complex, it is a unique project, which we carefully designed, down to the smallest detail. Individual houses, Townhouses, apartments in low-rise buildings and apartments in collective buildings blend harmoniously to create an exclusive community, which values ​​quality and a healthy lifestyle. For each of the proposed units, the types of facades that can be integrated have been carefully studied so as to preserve the visual unity of the project, without being repetitive. Townhouses are perhaps the most telling example of this. The result was a beautiful project, with alleys that invite you to take a relaxing walk, with elegant and discreet facades.

If you want to know more about the Townhouses in Avalon Estate, fill in the contact form. For additional information about the history of townhouses, check out this link.

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