The Clubhouse in Avalon Estate

10 September 2021

Your unwinding close to home

How many times did you reach your tipping point where you could no longer function?

We pay attention to your needs and make sure that you have unique leisure facilities close by in Avalon Estate.

We know that you want a spacious house, but what about your social life?

We have got you all covered and that’s why we have designed the Clubhouse.

Still not sure what it is?

It’s a place for social gatherings, where you can enjoy some quality time with friends or family, as well as an intimate place where you can get to know your neighbors.

Just think about all those hours lost just to find the perfect setting for a night out or just how many hours you have lost stuck in traffic on your way to the gym.

The list could go on, but let’s not get lost in detail. Your time is important to us, which is why, with all these facilities in the Clubhouse, you will enjoy those hours otherwise lost in traffic. Additionally, in the Clubhouse you can join group activities, next to your neighbors. You can meet and make new friends or find out news of interest to you.

During the summer season, just sit back and relax on the outside terrace with your favorite drink. If you’re hot, just jump into the natural filtered pool present in Avalon Estate.

What else can I do in the Clubhouse?

We’d like to think that sky’s the limit 😊, but apart from the activities presented above, you can enjoy the following:

Creative workshops

Whether you wanted to take up that drawing or painting class, that’s a new way to escape the ordinary. Just imagine how much of your problems will disappear if you do this. And let’s not forget about all the fun and joy that you’ll have when doing this. Besides, we think this is a pleasant way to enhance your creativity. What do you think?

Art exhibits

Art is timeless! In the Clubhouse, art exhibits could be organized for you to enjoy, far away from the long queues that form at the museums during the weekends.

Private parties

„How many have already confirmed?”

„Where do we go? What’s the food like?”

„Do we have a separate booth or not?”

If you’ve ever organized a party, then you can relate to all these questions.

How about you invite everyone to the Clubhouse and forget all about your worries? There are separate booths away from the restaurant, for added privacy, perfect for your next private party. Your children have a fountain of energy, but rest assured, they can run, hide, and play in all the Clubhouse as the whole building is child safe.

Sauna and Gym

We saved the best for last!

If the pool wasn’t enough, enter the sauna in the Clubhouse. What’s more relaxing than spending some time in the sauna, after a long day at work? In the vicinity, you can also find showers and changing rooms, to get rid of your outfit.

Moreover, you can enjoy a gym separated into 3 areas of interest:

1.       Stretching and Yoga zone

In a quiet place, get your thoughts in order and charge yourself with good vibes for a new day.

2.       Fitness studio

If you’re more active, burn the extra calories in our fitness studio. This way, you can keep up your muscle mass and wellbeing.

3.       Aerobics studio

If you want to dance or take part into Kangoo Jump or Zumba classes, do it in our aerobics studio.

We are aware that choosing a house to live in is difficult and more people look for unique facilities that form and bring together a strong community.

With the unique facilities present, Avalon Estate brings you closer comfort that will keep up your exclusive lifestyle.

The Clubhouse is an integral part of the Avalon Estate community, in addition to the Gatehouse, natural pool, central park and kindergarten.

Contact one of our real estate consultants and find out more about the Clubhouse!

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