The private kindergarten from Avalon Estate

2 September 2021

There are many challenges you encounter as a parent once a child is born. From nights with no sleep and adequate nutrition plans to early childhood education, you soon realize that a newborn does not come with a user’s manual.

One of the most notable events of life, apart from choosing the right accommodation, is the birth of a child and choosing the right education for him from an early stage.

The early education of your child is important, and besides the family input, the decisive element is choosing the right kindergarten. Avalon Estate has many facilities available for residents, including a private kindergarten about which we will discuss further in this article.

Avalon Estate is a unique residential project in Romania that differentiates itself from other residential projects by the variety of units available, and exclusive facilities that people have access to.

THE PRIVATE KINDERGARTEN is built on two levels and is spread on 805 m2. It comprises a ground floor, stretched on 309 m2, the first floor spread on 441 m2, and an entresol of 55 m2.

The enclosed garden
The kindergarten includes 2 private gardens, and one of them, of 292m2, will be arranged with playgrounds specially designed to sustain the healthy psychomotor development of the children.

The ground floor
The ground floor of the kindergarten is spread on 309 m2 and will include study and play areas specific to each age group. The food area, where the food will be cooked and served, will also be found on the ground floor, and a dedicated staff area.

A daily health check-up zone will be found near the main entrance, next to the specially designed children’s bathrooms.

First floor
On the first floor, spread over an area of 441 m2, the kindergarten will offer study areas for each age group, as well as rest areas for the children. It will take all the precautionary measures for all children’s areas according to the highest security and safety measures.

The kindergarten will offer a short and extended schedule that will comprise a national curriculum and many optional courses. All the personnel will include experienced and certified pedagogues.

The learning method applied will be based on the independent activity of the young ones, most of which will be done in the outer gardens. Each child will receive the recommended guidance for a safe development to integrate him into social life.

Among the key features found in the Avalon Estate kindergarten, we remind you about the spacious outside gardens, designed specifically for extended use by the children, modern video surveillance for extra security, and the impressive volumes that highlight childhood dynamism.

The kindergarten inside Avalon Estate brings you peace of mind that comprises:

  • Proximity–less time spent in traffic, fewer worries, and reduced discomfort.
  • Providing soft education methods;
  • Sensitive personnel;
  • Clever teaching methods;
  • Smooth adaptation;
  • Modern video surveillance;
  • Healthy meals;
  • Short and extended program.

Avalon Estate aims to bring you close all the facilities you need, which is why the kindergarten, as well as the other additional services, are at your disposal for added comfort and relaxation.

Contact us and find out more about the kindergarten and the other features available in Avalon Estate!

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