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16 July 2021

This week, we are going to walk you through our Penthouse offerings. In the next sections, we will briefly talk about the following:

  • A short history of this kind of apartments;
  • A list of the benefits;
  • Technical details that you will find in each of our Penthouses.

Short History of Penthouses
Over the years, numerous celebrities have chosen to live in luxury properties, such as Penthouses. Synonymous with high-rise penthouses, New York is the melting point of them all. For instance, Marilyn Monroe chose to live in the famous Sutton Place Penthouse, together with her third husband, Arthur Miller. The surface area totaled 278 sqm, with two fireplaces, one spacious terrace facing unparalleled views. Another celebrity that purchased such a luxury property is Keith Richards, the famous guitarist from The Rolling Stones. The apartment was renovated in 2011, and it offers three terraces, a sizeable library flooded by natural light. Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Taylor Swift, and Julia Roberts all have such properties.

In the past few years, the demand for luxury properties such as Penthouses has skyrocketed. Amplified by the latest trends in sustainability, location, and technology, this kind of properties are in high demand among the people who want Premium finishes, intimacy, and elevated privacy. In this matter, Penthouses cast a shadow over other accommodations as they provide Premium location, amenities, and finishes.

Avalon Estate

There are many residential projects under development in Bucharest, but few of them make up for making a purchase to be a great investment. The Premium location, the quality of materials used, and luxury amenities make Avalon Estate a unique residential project in the Romanian market. Positioned in Northern Bucharest, between Pipera and Aviatiei neighborhoods, Avalon Estate has multiple Penthouse offerings.

For a detailed view of the occupancy level and availability, check out the dedicated Urban Penthouse section on our website!

Urban Penthouse

There are 58 Penthouse units available for sale in Avalon Estate. Their positioning within the complex enhances the privacy, security, and comfort. Among the many perks and benefits, we would like to highlight the most important below:

Perks and benefits

  • 2 bathrooms, one open and adjacent sinks;
  • 4 terraces out of which one is closed so you can enjoy it regardless of the weather or season;
  • Natural light all day long;
  • Unparalleled views over the entire Avalon Estate complex;
  • Premium finishes
  • Premium Amenities
  • The sunrise and sunset are only one terrace away.

Technical details

  • Generous surfaces up to 238sqm;
  • Impressive volumes;
  • Living room max. height of 6m;
  • A total of 77sqm of terraces;
  • 150mm of basalt mineral wool to complete de sound and thermal insolation;
  • 30cm of Porotherm perforated clay blocks;
  • Floor heating;
  • Equipped with thermostats;
  • Premium Porcelanossa ceramic tiles;
  • Hâns Grose faucets;
  • Three-layer wooden floors
  • Secure metallic exterior door;
  • Sanitary wear provided to all bathrooms;
  • Medium Density Fibreboard Doors.

Avalon Estate is a unique residential project in Romania. Located on the lake shore of Pipera Lake, in between Aviatiei and Pipera neighborhoods, the complex boasts a multitude of green areas, a residential club, and car-free zones.

The project is designed as an exclusive community where the quality of living, recreation and security are the top priorities. Being a key element within Avalon Estate, nature is represented by the central park, which is the main point of attraction of the whole complex. Dozens of exotic and exquisite plants and flowers make up the whole integrated eco-system of the residential development. In addition to this, another important part is the pool, which is filtrated with natural elements. By doing so, the residents can safely take a bath in the hot summer days.

Future residents will discover that within Avalon Estate nothing is left to chance. Air quality, security, recreation areas, and the unique design of the apartments are all part of what sets the complex apart from others.

The Penthouses are a bold statement which many people aspire to make. In Avalon Estate, there are 58 unique ways to make this statement, so make sure you choose the one that represents you. The abundance of natural light, the intimacy, privacy, and premium finishes make up for a cozy place to grow with the nature.

Please make sure to check our current listings and get in touch with one of our consultants to receive a personalized offer. Your Urban Penthouse in Avalon Estate is just a click away!

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