Technical Specifications

  • Integrated urban design

    In order to develop a project that offers a high living, recreation and security standard, it was necessary to think of a large-scale unitary urban design concept. In this way we could create a quality atmosphere, maintain, and protect it from external factors for the exclusive use of the occupants and their guests. This required a large piece of land, in a good location, in addition to thorough and lengthy planning. Such an approach allows us to create an integrated community, that benefits from carefully planned green spaces and generous recreation areas, isolated car traffic and a modern design, devoid of tedious repetitiveness.

  • Generous green and leisure spaces

    More than 1/3 of the total project area is occupied by carefully planned green and recreation spaces. These areas will be cared for by a specialized team that guarantees proper maintenance. This eliminates the need for tenants to contract maintenance work separately, but also the risk of inconsistent maintenance of green spaces by some tenants.

  • Clean interior design

    What does this mean? You will not see beams or pillars in the homes we create – they embedded inside the walls. All interior utility networks are designed to be integrated into the building envelope, so that living space is not wasted. This allows the creation of higher interior spaces that are bright, well ventilated, and unobstructed.

  • An emphasis on privacy

    Most of the times, the houses in residential complexes lack the essential elements that ensure the privacy of each owner. To avoid that, we have designed all the units with an appropriate level of sound insulation, so that sounds do not propagate from the inside to the outside or vice versa. Furthermore, units in the Avalon Estate are designed so that neighbouring homes do not have direct views of bedrooms and other private spaces. Most of the units in Phase 1, respectively the T blocks and the detached houses, have an orientation that guarantees the absence of noise generated by cars, this being the result of developing a unique concept.

  • Reduced and isolated car traffic

    The car transportation network within the complex was designed to minimize traffic, the roads being isolated on three sides of the complex. The parking spaces were designed so that cars are not visible and the general image of the complex is not being affected. All units are protected from the discomfort created by cars, including by speed restrictions. All access to the park, to the lake, as well as to the recreational areas is pedestrian only.

  • Integrated infrastructure

    Rainwater is collected through an efficient system so that it flows naturally from each road, green area, terrace, balcony, alley, and private garden in a dedicated structure. Our approach eliminates the risk of water accumulations in basements and of infiltrations, often associated with poor design of building infrastructure. Rainwater is taken through a lagoon – a landscape element that has both a design function and a filtering role, before being discharged into the lake, at the edge of the complex. The general integration of green spaces in the project is a sustainable ecological solution for its functionality, by improving the quality of rainwater entering the lake and canals, reducing floods, stimulating biodiversity, and developing a natural ecological system.

  • Warranties and statements

    Prime Kapital works only with specialists with proven experience on the Romanian market. Therefore, we select experts in all fields to ensure that we deliver high quality finishes, guaranteed by reputable suppliers, with an impeccable reputation. Moreover, before being used, the materials are carefully selected, including by testing, and inspecting the projects where they have been previously used.

  • Community rights and obligations

    Every future owner is guaranteed, even from the pre-SPA stage, the comfort and quality of life, in a successful residential complex. Ensuring all this requires commitment, planning, and dedication. We understand that Avalon Estate is more than a house, it is a lifelong investment. Therefore, the complex will be managed based on a reasonable and fair regulation statute that will cover all conduct that could have a negative impact on individual experience.

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