Terms and conditions

Receipt of the information contained in this Offer cannot constitute a basis for any claim against Prime Kapital resulting from the use of this information. The information contained in this Offer is indicative and may not be construed as an invitation or intent by Prime Kapital to engage in any transaction or to oblige Prime Kapital to enter any contract with the Beneficiary. The information contained in this Offer is valid and will take effect only after the signing of a contract, under the conditions agreed in that contract.

The information expressed through this Offer is exclusively for the benefit and for the information of the Beneficiary. Any transmission of this information to third parties is prohibited. Unauthorized use of any information provided by Prime Kapital, alteration in any way of the content of this information, exposure or misappropriation of this information, or presentation as personal information constitute a serious prejudice to Prime Kapital and Prime Kapital is entitled to sue those who do not comply with the obligations assumed implicitly by accessing the information contained in this Offer, in order to repair the damages produced.

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